You arrive at the edge of a river, moonlight dancing in the swift currents and eddies. At the far end of a dilapidated wooden dock a lone figure hunches over a guitar, intoning and picking, blending voice and instrument, his back to you. There is a rowboat fitted with a cable-pulley system linked to the far shore; you can see the path continues up the embankment and onward into the woods. The wooden planks of the pier creak horribly but the lone figure never ceases playing or gives any sign that he is aware of your approach. You're right behind him now, and reach out to gently tap him on the shoulder. You pause, enchanted by the complexity of the musician's tones. They may be having a strange hypnotic effect on you.

+Tap the man and ask to use the boat: PAGE 38
+Stay and listen: PAGE 39