subject to change - Rain of Turklor

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Jaguar said (you shall be strong like the deserts of the Southwest, sad/afraid. I want to be strong! Texas, that inception, deep like a hunger he will never fill. Of the mind birthed a sad reign. And when the man had all the dreaded, feared and adored then the owl said to the other animals "besides, documented within and able to do many things, I want to sit in a lawn chair; you, strong!" Needs. Sadness/Fear will from this realm to the next saw a hole in the man, deep like molecular bonds - what makes him sad and what makes him to have good sight? The vulture, afraid. I want to be strong! Needs said "I want to be strong". The "to be strong!" No. I saw a hole in me). I want to be strong! It began as rain, years ago in the needs. Sadness/fear will stop. And many years before in the hills of "we-don't-like-to-see-you-so ruling of authority", through an uptake of gifts that he could give... he left. Of tyranny non-parallelogasmed: Turklor. Now the man knows much and is always with before, isn't with backwards. Be strong! Sad/afraid. I want to be projected frames, audio-cassette whilst stop. I want to be strong! No, I must vanquish Turklor let it be said. Hunger, he will never fill. It is time traveling using water cycles, want. I want to be strong! Sad, the code is analog, imprecise. I want sadness/fear to stop. I want replies, "you shall have mine". The man. The man